Our insights on the opportunities and challenges facing Asian private equity.

WeWork: A Turning Point for Global Markets

January 31, 2020

2019 was a volatile year for the public markets, pulled down by the trade disputes between the US and China, and buoyed by a continued low to negative interest rate environment. WeWork’s failed attempt at an initial public offering (“IPO”) is one example of this.

Inability to exit investments remains a key concern that many investors face when contemplating investing in Asia. The STAR market provides a welcome alternative funding platform for Chinese start-ups amid the US-China trade war.

As we look around at the adoption of ESG practices in Asia, we can see that Asia is still lagging behind that of Europe or the US. Discover how Axiom, as one of Asia’s largest and most experienced private equity fund managers, strives to create a positive and long-lasting impact on the communities we belong to with our investment management activities and business operations.

The State of ESG in Asia

July 31, 2019

60% of Asian PE funds do not require their portfolio companies to report on ESG issues or responsible investment. Axiom commits to adopting best practices for ESG from our LPs and peers and further commits to helping educate our GPs to do the same.

Private equity investors have historically favored growth-stage investments in China due to the scarcity of true buyout opportunities. Is there too much competition in the market for too few deals in the buyout space?

Back in May, Harvard economist Carmen Reinhart painted a gloomy picture for Emerging Markets (“EM”) following massive devaluations of the Argentine peso and Turkish lira. How worried should investors in Asia be amidst the Latin American sell-off?

Chinese startup Pinduoduo made headlines this summer following a successful US debut on the NASDAQ, catapulting its founder Colin Huang to the position of China’s 12th richest person with a newly-minted fortune of US$13.8 billion.