SuperReturn China

APRIL 24-26, 2017

Beijing, China

Speaker: Chris Loh, Managing Partner

“How Far Down The Road Are LPs In Developing Their Co-Investment Capabilities? What Skillsets Are They Adding To Their Teams To Execute These Deals? How Are GPs and LPs Aligning Interests And Combining Capabilities In Order To Ensure That The Right Deals Get Done?”

SuperReturn International

27 FEBRUARY – 2 MARCH 2017

Berlin, Germany

Speaker: Edmond Ng, Managing Partner

“Is the Current Interest in Co-Investing Sustainable? To What Extent Will Opportunities Be More Limited Going Forward With Many GPs Raising Funds In Excess Of Indicated Hard Caps? What Happens If Co Investors Need To Liquidate Their Position?”

Financial Women's Association 2016

February 17, 2017


Speaker: Alex Lee, Managing Partner

“Inclusive Leadership”
The Financial Women’s Association Singapore drives professionalism in the financial sector, with special emphasis on the role of women and the development of future leaders.

CFA Singapore Investment Conference 2016

NOVEMBER 4, 2016


Speaker: Alex Lee, Managing Partner

“Trends in Asian Private Equity”

SuperReturn Asia 2016

SEPTEMBER 25-28, 2016

Hong Kong

Speaker: Alex Lee, Managing Partner

“Exploring The Asian Secondaries Market: How Is It Developing & How Deep Is The Opportunity Set? How Is China – & The Global Economy More Broadly – Affecting Volume & Pricing In Asian Secondaries?”

SuperReturn US 2016

JUNE 6-9, 2016

Boston, US

Speaker: Marc Lau, Managing Partner

“Examining Recent Developments & Trends In Asian Private Equity & Venture Capital: Where Are The Top Returns To Be Found & How Are Gps Adapting Their Models To Capitalise On The Best Opportunities In The Region?”

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